Sunday, March 1, 2015

Jimmy Coates: Survivial YA

Jimmy Coates is only part human and the rest of him is pure assassin, but that 30 something percent human seems to be winning out, which might not be a good thing for him.  Now he is on the run hiding from those who should be his friends.  Jimmy must also constantly think about his family and best friend, Felix, because the people that want Jimmy aren't very nice and have no problem going after his family to get to him.  However, right now those people think Jimmy is dead, after he blew up a huge oil rig.  Unfortunately, that act has brought England and France to the brink of war and Jimmy feels responsible, so he is thinking of turning himself in, but that may cause more problems.  Jimmy must try and find a way to turn himself in without causing a full on international incident, keeping his family safe, and not being killed himself in the process, that is a lot to take on for a only being a twelve year old boy. Also, there are two more tweens that are genetically modified to be assassins and each works for a different country.  Mitchell works for England's NJ7, and Zafi works for the French, will their small human sides also change them as well?
This book pulls some massive G's on you all the way through, it has so much action and suspense your head will buzz.  If you like Alex Rider or the CHERUB series, this is the series for you!  Survival is the 5th book in the Jimmy Coates series and I can't wait to go back and catch up to see what I have missed.  This was a great book and I think any tween or teen who likes thing like the Bourne Identity series would like this as well.  If you can stand the non stop action, and the oh my gosh I have to read one more chapter, than one more, than one more, you will love this book.

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