Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Glass Eye (ADULT)

Jeannie Vanasco's first book is a tribute to her father and a long dark trip for her.  It span from a promise she made to her dying father before she was forced back to school thinking she would be back in a few days for the weekend to see him again, only to find out he died while she was on the train back to school, and that sparks her long dark journey of with her own demons and some of her dads before this books will end, but will Jeannie with a "I" ever win over her grief and the demons that haunt her from a lifetime ago. 
This was a really good book, by debut book author Jeannie Vanasco.  She bares all to tell her story, the story of her dad, and the story of their family.  This is a no hold barred as she tells all about her illness as well and how deep grief can run for daddy's little girl.  This is a wonderful story I hope its the one everyone will read this year.

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