Monday, October 9, 2017

The Atlantis Stone: The Project Book 12 (ADULT AUDIO)

The team is back although some members are more fit than others, when Selena gets a odd package through her agent with a map and some pictures of odd glyphs that she needs to decipher.  But what Selena finds sends the team to foreign lands to investigate further.  What they don't know is the Russians are following them, and the Russian are having a inter-agency war and it all involves the  Project Team.
This is another wonderful suspense filled, action packed, hundred mile a hour charge ahead book by Alex Lukeman.  I don't know where he gets his book energy from, but may it never end as well as the Project Team.  I love these books, they are great and mix a bit of history in as well.  If you are a audiobook fan like me than this is a treat, because Jack de Golia is one of the best and he has done all of the Project series so far, so he IS the voice of the team members. 

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