Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Secret Coders Robots & Repeats (MG)

Hopper, Eni and Josh are back and still fighting Principal One-Zero.   This  time One-Zero is determined to split the team up, but the team has other plans to bad they didn't factor in robot ducks with teeth.
I find these some of the cutest coding books for kids that work on the fundamentals of coding and usually one or two things at a time.  This book teaches about nesting and goes back and reinforces the binary code as well.  It teaches code in a fun manner and one that can be repeated on paper if a computer is not available.  Not to mention if your not quite into the coding part yet the storyline is still fun and action packed with lots of cliff hangers.  This is just a awesome fun series and I have enjoyed reviewing, talking and suggesting these books to many of readers now for some time, and I hope I can continue.

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