Saturday, October 7, 2017

Better Off Changing Hearts Series Prequel (YA AUDIO)

Ariana has never been allowed to have a boyfriend but she is turning 17 and thinks she knows more than her parents, especially since meeting Carlos at a party and he has shown a interest in her.  She doesn't even care what her brother Jimmy thinks, when he tries to tell her Carlos isn't the guy for her, and he would do anything for her.  So who will be right, will love triumph or those that know her best. 
This was a great book it really does capture teen rebellion and sneakiness very well along with the. "I know what I am doing" attitude and mindset.  Although I think Ariana's parents were a bit strict for todays standards, I suppose there are still a few parents like that.  I had the audio narrated by Ramona Master who did a awesome job, and with the audio you can really hear the snarkiness in Ariana's voice, and the cool and calmness in Jimmy's voice.  This is a great series but one I really enjoy as a audio, since Ms. Master is so good at this cast.

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