Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Immorality Clause An Easytown Novel (ADULT AUDIO)

In futuristic New Orleans, Easytown clubs are being haunted by a serial killer.  But most don't care as long as the tourist still come with the money they bring.  All that is but one police detective, Zack Forrest, and even an attempt on his life won't stop him.  Zach is like a dog with a bone, he is not going to let go until he has it all figured out, and justice is done.
This is a very interesting book/audiobook with all the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and all the varying types and levels of AI.  However, at the same time the author has them very well thought out and realistic in the story, you never once say to yourself, "yeah right", everything seems so real and plausible, and while listing to Daniel Penz narrate the book it is very easy to loose  yourself in Easytown as well.


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