Friday, February 24, 2017

Kill It With Magic Lillim Callina Book1 (YA AUDIO)

This book caught me from the beginning.  I actually had the audiobook and Rebecca Roberts made this book easy to listen to with her great narration.  Lillim is a sixteen year old, on her own tasked with fighting demons, vampires, and other paranormal badies.  So really, what is not to be a bit bitter about.  A sixteen year old girl, on her own, who has to fight off and kill bad things that aren't suppose to exist, great teen years and love life, yeah not normal, so yep that might make any girl a bit bitter.  So I totally understand Lillim's sarcasm and off the wall humor, and I liked it.  I enjoyed the fast paced, strong willed girl, who took charge and did what needed to be done to save herself and her friends.  I can't wait for more on audio, because I can not wait to see who Lillim pisses off next.

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