Friday, February 10, 2017

Distopia: Land of Dis Book 2 (ADULT AUDIO)

This is the story of a young missionary, Wyngalf, who really just wants to travel and spread the story of his obscure religion.  When in the port town he finds himself in a awesome position to spread his word farther by leading a voyage across the sea to the legendary land of Dis.  When things go bad he finds himself accompanied by a stowaway girl named, Evena, and a odd goblin who was thrown out of his own clan.  Wyngalf must use all his faith to keep the three alive and try to get Evena home, but will his faith hold true, will it be enough?
This is a action packed, suspense filled, dragons, knights in shining armor, and sometimes not so shining armor kind of story.  What you thought you knew about dragons, goblins, and other mythical beings might not hold true in Dis as this land can turn everything on it's ear, but that makes things much more interesting.  This is a very interesting, wonderful book, with well thought out, in depth characters.  Narrator Phil Gigante lending his voice to the audio version just made it that much better. He is a awesome narrator and made this book a joy to listen too.  I can't wait to hear what adventures these friends go on next, and also catch up as I came in on book 2 and need to go back and catch up on book 1.


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