Sunday, February 12, 2017

Heritage Book Three of the Grimoire Saga (YA AUDIO)

As Kara is coming to grips with her new Ison powers, she must also come to terms with her families past before she can move on and get back to her Vagabonds and the biggest battle Ourea will ever face. 
Braeden is slowly trying to rebuild his relationships with the bloods, and figure out a way to kill his father before his father kills everything Braeden has ever loved.
This the third book in the Grimoire Saga and  is one of the most suspenseful, action packed, and the depth and emotion of the story makes this the best book in the series yet, and that is saying a lot.  Just when I couldn't figure out how Ms. Boyce could top the last book she pulls a whole new aspect out, and it was awesome.  Narrator Kara Kovacich made this book as she did with the others, her voices for the different characters and the attitudes and emotions just make each character different and unique.  Ms. Kovacich is a awesome narrator and a really gave Ourea it's pulse.  I can't wait to get book 4, Illusion, in the Grimoire Saga.


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