Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Road to Nyn: The Tales of Gaspar, Book 1 (MG AUDIO)

Kay is training to be a knight but he gets sidetracked when a group of Goblins attacks his village and enslaves his family.  Kay's travels to save his family lead him to all sorts of places and he meets a variety of creatures along the way, even a few Alamin the Wizard doesn't know about, but they always help Kay when help is needed most.
This is a great adventure book for all types of readers.  There is a lot of action to hold the readers interest and the Sprite will always keep you guessing.  For those who are interested there is a audio version, which is what I had, and Fred Wolinski, the narrator, does a excellent job with all the characters.  I don't see how he keeps them all straight, it is a monumental task and one that I am in awe of.  Mr. Wolinski really brings this book to life as you listen to it, it is awesome and you tend to forget where you are, here or in Nyn.
Whether you choose to read, listen, or both to The Road to Nyn you won't regret it, it is a great book.


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  1. Hi Trisha,
    Thank you very much for the review. I'm glad that you enjoyed the book - and my buddy, Felix. He was my favorite character to write.
    I also enjoyed Fred's performance. Listening to his narration made me feel like I was hearing the story for the first time. He is a true talent, and I am humbled to have worked with him.
    Be on the lookout this fall for Kay and his friends' next adventure in The Ring of Carnac.
    Brian Michaud