Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Children of Darkness (AUDIO)

This a wonderful story set thousands of years in the future, when Vicars of the Temple of Light control the people.  In the town of Little Pond three friends, Orah, Nathaniel, and Thomas are coming of age.  When Thomas is taken and than returned from a "teaching", a secret ritual, that has left Thomas changed and broken, Orah and Nathaniel search for the secret behind the ritual that hurt their friend so much, only to find it also left them threatened as well.  When Orah is taken next for a teaching, Nathaniel follows and what they both find in the cells under Temple City will change their whole world forever if they make it out in time, the race is on.
This was a wonderful book, kind of like Harry Potter meets Divergent.  The action is non-stop and though some spots are predictable others are quite surprising and refreshing.  There are as many twists and turns as there are Vicars, and the treasure hunt to the keep was fun and masterful.
I listened to this in audiobook form which made some of the cytology parts hard to try and figure out for yourself, but narrator Erin DeWard does a excellent job with all the characters and their voices, he captures and uses the attitude of the book to suck you in and keep you listening well past when you should.
This is a great book that every should try.


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