Saturday, July 30, 2016

Soul Meaning (AUDIO)

Time is running out Lucas Soul, half breed of a Bastian Mother and a Crovir Father, which neither race likes, only has a few more lives remaining.  But when a job comes through the Private Investigators office where Lucas works with his partner Reid, it turns things bad and sends them both running for their lives.
This is a great action packed, well written book.  The characters are awesome, interesting and the story has so many twists and trap doors to fall thru, but you have to get up and run some more it just does not stop.
I have the audible version and Michael Bower could not have done a better job with all the voices of the different characters and accents, he was wonderful and I hope he continues on with the series as he did such a awesome job. 
But either format you choose you won't be disappointed by Soul Meaning it was such a  good start to the series.  Also don't forget about the novella First Death which will explain some of Lucas' backstory and is well worth it in either form.


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