Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Trusted: Dragons' Trust Book 1 (YA AUDIO)

Renick, Lainey, and Thane find themselves scrambling to prove worthy to live after rescuing a baby dragon and delivering it back to its family.  Just teens themselves and far from home they never expected to be in this predicament, but here they are mining for nothing in the dragon mines awaiting their sentence.  But when a cave in occurs and they stay behind instead of escaping like the others, will that help their case or just prove to the dragons more of their stupidity. 
This was a really good action packed, very suspenseful, dragon/human book.  I was touching at times and infuriating at others, but so good you don’t want it to end and when it does you cannot wait for the next book to see what happens.  If you like dragons you will like this book, it is not like all the others but is a really different wonderful change that is well worth the time and will have people looking for the next book, and if you are lucky enough to have gotten the audio version narrated by the awesome Fred Wolinsky than you are in for a treat as he must have a million voices, as he has a different voice for every character in the book, he is such a talented voice actor he transports you to Helath Forrest so you are right there with our friends and all of those dragons, it is so worth it if you can get the audio. I for one will be waiting for the next one to come out on audio, if you can’t wait the book and ebook forms are out now.

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