Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Policewoman (ADULT)

Sarah is a up and coming policewoman from a military family, and she has been recruited to a narcoterrorism joint task force combining several countries.  But when the drug cartel kills her fiancé and takes her little sister hostage all rules go out the window. 
This is a great military tactic book with the most badass female lead character you will ever want to meet, Sarah is so awesome!!!  The plot can be a bit slow to start so you get all the background you need for the rest of the book, especially if you are not familiar with some of the military procedures, but stick with it, it is well worth it later.  The action picks up speed and does nothing but go faster and faster until the end of the book, and the twists and turns will shake you all up.  All in all I really liked this book and can't wait for more from this author and the rumor is there is more coming.

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