Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Loup-Garou The Beast of Harmony Falls (The Ian McDermott PhD Paranormal Investigator Series) (ADULT AUDIO)

When the peace of the beautiful Mount St. Helens wilderness is broken byseveral grusome deaths, local lawman Bub O'Brien calls on cryptozoologist Ian McDermott.  But when Bud goes missing as well, Deputy Charlie Redtail and Ian team up to take on the the local legeand, the Loup-Garou, and bring peace back to the area.
This book was action packed, grusome at times, scary, and very interesting with all the lore.  I have heard many takes on this story but the Loup-Garou was a new and refreshing one.  I hope someday Ian McDermott makes to the Big Easy, for I think that would be very interesting.  Also, I had the audio version, with narrator S.W. Salzman and he ramped up the creep factor exponentionally, and keep me right on the edge of my seat the whole time.  Mr Salzman's performance is nothing if not surperb, he really made Charlie and Ian's personalities awesome to me and this is one audiobook that will stand out for a long time and be a quick recommendation for anyone looking for something creepy/scary.


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