Saturday, January 21, 2017

Lethal Journey (ADULT AUDIO)

Lauren Taylor, Manhattan D.A., has lost everything.  Prosecuting Gino Valdina has cost her everything she has held dear.  Gino will do anything to save himself and so will Lauren, and Lauren is about to find out things are even more crazy than she thought, but she will find help in unexpected places.
This was a great action filled, suspenseful story.  I love Ms. Cresswell's writing and have read/listened to many of her other books and enjoyed every one of them.  I always feel as though I am part of the story, like I am right there with the person this time with Lauren, cheering and crying with her.  I love the surprise twists they keep me on my toes.  I had the audio narrated by Rebecca Hansen who has a way of differentiating the characters to make each one very different and stand out.



  1. Thanks for reviewing Lethal Journey. I'm glad you enjoyed listening to the story. :)


    1. Kim always a pleasure, please keep writing those Kick A$$ girl characters!