Friday, January 20, 2017

Bluescreen: A Miridor Novel (ADULT AUDIO)

LA 2050 Where most people have a djinni, a jack and a smart device implanted in your head that does everything from open your door to make phone calls, to control your money.  But Marisa likes to game with hers.  But when her gamer friend gets a hold of a new drug called bluescreen, which plugs directly in to the djinni and is supposed to give the user a safe high, only they find out it corrupts the users djinni with new code and takes over the person.  While trying to clean up the mess for their friend Marisa finds herself deeper in the net than any of them have ever even heard of.
If you know me than you know I am a huge sucker for any computer gamer/hacker/jacker books, so I totally went nuts when I saw this one, and a very awesome friend bought it for me (thank you thank you thank you), because this was such a awesome book.  I can't say enough about it, if you like action, suspense, computer type thriller books than this is for you!
Oh and Roxanne Hernandez was so awesome narrating the audio, there truly could not have been a better narrator for this book she was so good.  All the different voices for everyone and even the calm and exciting and back and forth, I don't know, she was just so great.  I know there is a part two and I can't wait to get that one also.  But if you think this might be your kind of book don't stand there, run and get it now you really don't want to wait.


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