Thursday, May 26, 2016

Time's Mirror (YA AUDIO)

This CHRONOS File novella follows Prudence's story.
Pru just wanted to the attention of her violin teacher, what teen wouldn't want the attention of a older guy?  So sneaking out of the house all dolled up and sporting one of her mom's medallion's she stole from the attic, she knew her mom would kill her if she knew, but as she and her dad left that afternoon for her lesson one she would never make it to.  Pru finds herself in the future, under a pile of rubble, of what is left of the CHRONOS headquarters and everyone is blaming her mom for the destruction.
This is another wonderful tale by Rysa Walker.  I have no idea how she keeps all of these people and each of their lives , times and places straight, but she does and it is wonderful!  I love these novellas that give a look farther back into some of the main characters of the books that otherwise we would never learn more about.  First Kiernan in Time's Echo and now Prudence.  It has truly been wonderful and they have so much insight that help make the whole series mesh together so much more tightly.
Again Narrator Kate Rudd has knocked it out of the park, she even, after all the other books, made me feel bad for Pru, but I suppose only time will tell.  Ms. Rudd does a great job on the different voices she brings to the different characters, it really makes the book even more awesome than it all ready is.


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