Thursday, May 19, 2016

Time's Edge (YA AUDIO)

Kate a 17 year old time traveler must fight her grandfather to keep the time she is used to from disappearing and turning into one of a new world order, the Cyrist Order.  All the while balancing her real world teenage issues of liking two guys at once, albeit they are from two different time periods, and one suffered a time shift and hardly remembers her.
Kate's grandmother is there to help her as we all know time travel can be quite tricky and if not done with the proper care can really mess things up as Kate is learning, that is why there are the CHRONOS rules.
This is a book not to be missed if you have been following the series, it picks up right where Timebound left off and carries you right along.  Since I enjoyed Timebound as the audio so much I stuck with that format for Time's Edge and Kate Rudd did not disappoint with her narration.  She did a beautiful job as narrator on the awesome journey Rysa Walker takes us on through time.  the voices for all the characters are just great, she will suck you in to this wonderful story and keep you listening until it is over, and leave you wanting more.  I suppose that says a lot for both the narrator and the author, great book all the way around.


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