Thursday, June 29, 2017

Zombie Park: The Z Day (ADULT AUDIO)

Think of Jurassic park only with zombies.  They would make them, display them, have shows with them (like with the dolphins), you could feed some like you do at the zoo, only one rule, no zombie birds - to hard to contain.  But really??? It seems the military really just needs a front for their smart zombie project and this sounds good, bit is it good? 
This is a very interesting book, with very interesting issues (not to mention the author set it in my backdoor, I don't live that far away from that part of Indiana), the author has everything very well thought out, and his characters are awesome and work so well together, it is hard to say much else without giving the good parts away.  If you like audiobooks this one is narrated by Persephone Rose is not to be missed, it is really good, I can not wait for the next two parts.

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