Sunday, June 25, 2017

It's a Bird! It's a Plane!: A Superhero Antology (Adult)

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! is the light side to the World Domination: A Supervillain Anthology's dark side.  But don't get me wrong these eleven authors have really rocked the superhero world, these supers are different, refreshing and I loved them all but I will only tell you about a few.
Geek Gurl Rising from Chris Pourteau:  How exactly does a superhero get his or her powers?Lightening strike? Bash on the head? From believing you can do something so much you can do it?
The Paladin from Kevin G Summers:  Do all superheroes have superpowers or can they just have a big heart?  Case in point, Jared Weiss superhero or vigilante?
Photo OP from Christopher J Valin: Black Harrier gets his picture taken on a cellphone while in the middle of a operations and now he needs it gone before the owner can post it on social media and his cover is blown.  He manages to play the bumbling boss and delete it off of her phone but doesn't count on her phone being backed up to the cloud.  Now the clock is ticking for the Harrier and his sidekick the Red Raptor to find the cloud service and delete the picture before Harriers cover is blown for good.
The Spotlight from Jeffery Beesler:  How much of being a super hero is actually being a superhero and how much of is it a act and being a actor or actress.  It think the superhero Myna Byrd would be the best one to ask that question too.
These are awesome stories from some of the most talented authors around and if you don't know them, than this is the best way to introduce your self to them as you get a little bit from all eleven of them.  Even though I started with one or two I still find more and more that I have not read and love every time I get another of these awesome anthologies.

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