Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saving the Last Dragon (YA AUDIO)

When Duncan took on the story writing assignment and started his dragon story, it just seemed to come to him each night in his dreams.  I don't think he ever thought it would take him into other worlds with wizards and real dragons, especially his friend Balinor, who helps him on his quest to save the last dragon.
This story was well written with wonderful characters.  Narrator Fred Wolinski did the most wonderful job with the old language, speaking it like he has spoken it his whole life.  It was very impressive, and a great reason to opt for the audio if you are like me and that type of thing throws you for a loop.  Fred Wolinski's use of different  voices for each of the characters also makes this story so easy and wonderful for everyone to listen too even though this is a young adult book it is a great story every age will want to listen too.  The great part is the diversity Mr. Broadmeadow brings to this book is so wonderfully done and shows the tenacity and determination one can put forth.  My favorite line in the whole book is when Balinor tells Duncan that when the quest is over he will come back and kill disease for him.  If only.

5 Stars

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