Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Are you a gamer? Do you like computers? Do you like Sci-Fi? Then this is the book for you!!! Nick Cole hit this out of the park, sorry publishing world, you missed out on this one, but I am so glad Nick Cole self published Ctrl Alt Revolt.  Because this book is AWESOME!!!  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I am always partial to these kids of books, but really you can't miss out on this one, it is the prequel to Soda Pop Soldier, which I am now looking forward to reading, it is really very good.
There are two story lines going on, one is a Star Trek role playing game going on and the other is a real life battle for a secret project hidden at the center of Wondersoft's design center that will pit the geeks left at Wondersoft against the hacker attackers.  I also loved Mr. Cole's use of diverse characters, that also heightened my love for this book as we still are not seeing enough diverse books in our society, and to make her such a strong willed, female character, just made my day, thank you Mr. Cole!!!
I actually had the audio version of the book narrated by Mare Travathan, who is a very talented narrator, giving each character a different voice and really giving this story a heartbeat of her own, she made me feel as though I was there fighting for my life with 99fish and on the deck of the Intrepid. Wow, let just say some parts were intense.
But whether you go with the book or the audio you are going to love this one it is full of non-stop action as I am guessing Soda Pop Soldier will be when I get it.


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