Sunday, January 24, 2016

Rocket and Groot Stranded on Planet Strip Mall (MG)

This is a wonderful book for younger middle graders that might not have been allowed to see The Guardians of the Galaxy movie yet, but still want to be included in the Rocket and Groot adventures.  They will even get introduced to a new and wonderful character, but I think I will leave that totally awesome character to introduce herself when you read the book.  After being attacked by strange giant space fish and then crash landing on a strange planet, our favorite guardians must use their brains, brawn, and wit to overcome the unique challenges that awaits them as they try to escape this strange planet.
I really like this book as author Tim Angleberger, really captured the Rocket attitude, the friendship he has with Groot and the way they interact together, he captured the guardian way, and humor.  The author just has an awesome way with this age group and writes and illustrates great books for them and this one is definitely one of the great ones.  I can not wait to see what Rocket, Groot, and their new friend get into next.


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