Thursday, January 7, 2016

Island of Fog MG

This was a AWESOME audible!!!  Hal and his friends live on a island that is always covered by fog.   They have always lived on this dingy foggy island and now they are 11 years old and curious about what lays beyond, but other strange things also start happening to them and around the island, that makes Hal and his friends even more curious. But will they get their answers?
This is a great middle grade book, filled with action and suspense that doesn't end, it just keeps on going like there is another book or something, oh which by the way there is, several.  But for me the best part was the narrator, Fred Wolinsky, I had the audible version, and he made the book absolutely outstanding! He made each character separate, a individual, even the alter egos of some of the characters, he didn't just read the book to you, he gave the book heart.


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