Sunday, September 6, 2015

Scorpion Rules YA

This was a very different book than I thought it would be, but I LOVED it! 
Just think the descendants of the world rulers are sent to a special school like place (Precepture) where they stay until either they turn eighteen and are replaced or their country enters into war with any other country than both countries descendants are killed.  But what happens when one country no longer wants to play by the rules and takes the Precepture hostage?
This story is of course set in the future, and has some new and interesting territories.  It also has some really awesome artificial intelligence mixed into the story as well, and they have their own amazing back story.  This is a book of diversity that is found among friends that have been together for many years,, but only just got to know and love each other in the last few weeks during the time the book covers. 
I truly loves this book it was real in ways you wish some things worked today, diverse in ways we need more of, and raw in ways that we need to see more feelings shown.  This book was just awesome and a must read.  My prediction is that it will show up on schools reading list in the near future.


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