Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hardwired YA

Lucas tested positive for the warrior gene like his brother before him, I means he possibly predisposed toward violence.  In Lucas' time it means he shipped off to secure government facility to test him thoroughly to make sure he is not one of the ones that will turn violent.  Unfortunately, the tests they put these teens through is enough to turn even the most calmest of the calm violent, but even if they hold it together and make it out they are so changed and the people around them are scared of them just because they carry this gene their lives are now ruined, to the point most often of no return. 
This book is so cool, it makes you think how things can change in our world today as they find new genes and test for this and that and want to do more and more with genetics all the time.  As it is right now, they have half of us thinking whether or not we want or need to have certain medical tests done because what if it shows something off the wall, that in 2 or 3 years might come back to haunt us.  But this  book goes farther and has the government locking kids up and changing their lives forever, until they meet Lucas, Chris and Carly than it all changes in one night.  In one snowy, dark, cold night three kids try to make a difference, the question is do they succeed? 
This book is so action packed and suspenseful, you will think you are locked in the Bake Shop too, where if the guards are the ones out to get you than it is probably your roommate, either way there is nothing you can do.  The characters are perfect together, although there are times you might think why this guy, but keep on going all will become clear.  I really liked this book it kept my interest way past my bedtime, and I think it will become a book that teen book clubs can talk about.


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