Friday, August 28, 2015

Kinda Like Brothers MG

I liked this book on a few different levels.  I liked it because it showed diversity of several different types, and we desperately need more of this in children and young adult books today.  I also liked the break through of the mental health stigma, people, especially children and young adults need to not only know it is out there, but it is OK and there is help not only for the person suffering from it but the family as well, no one should suffer in silence.  And the biggest reason I choose to pick this book was Jarrett and his learning problems.  You see Jarrett and I are a lot alike.  I spent most of my school years struggling and playing catch up, I didn't even really start to read until half way through my second grade year when everyone figured out I was really good at faking it, until test time that is.  This book is a awesome read for middle grade and young adult guys, however girls will surely appreciate the finer point as well, but I think this book will especially appeal to reluctant readers of all ages or genders, it is that good!
Jarrett's mom is a foster mother for babies, but when a special case comes her way she can't turn down the babies older brother as well, after all it is only for a few days until they find another foster home, so Jarrett is told.  Now Jarrett is stuck sharing his room, friends, and life with the older, cooler, smarter Kevon and it has been a lot more than a few days. Will they ever learn to get along or will Kevon's dad come to get him and his little sister Treasure first?

This really is a awesome book and if you get it through kindle you can pick up the version as well discounted and I must say the narrator John Clarence Stewart Does a outstanding job, well worth it, he was awesome!

5 Stars

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