Monday, August 10, 2015

Akaela YA

What is a girl (even a girl with special artificial integrated technology implants) to do when her daddy goes missing?  Go find him of course.  That it what Akaela, her brother, and two of their friends set out to do after rescuing Akaela's brother from Mayakean incarceration.  But will the foursome make it to the Gaijin's factory where the think their dads are being held or will there be other more costly obstacles in their way?
This was a great futuristic, spell weaving, fresh, all round wonderful book.  I was really cool with all the artificial integrated technology one can only hope will someday be available to people that need replacement parts.  It was kind of sci-fi meets steampunk, one word awesome especially if you like that technical, mechanical, building things, and I do. 


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