Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Locksmith (Mindjack) YA

This is a wonderful novella of the mindjack story, that is focused on a mindjacker named Zeph.  Zeph has the unique talent of being able to lock and unlock minds, which comes in handy if there are things you want or need to hide from other mindjackers, especially in a world that doesn't really know of the mindjackers existence, or that they can do special things like Zeph.  For that matter Zeph doesn't even know how he does what he does, he just knows it works, until the day things go wrong.
Susan Kaye Quinn has taken us on another wonderful and exciting roller coaster ride in the mindjack world.  This novella like a roller coaster ride, is also over way to soon, but hopefully it has opened up the doors for more mindjack stories and even more special characters, to come and entrance us in their world, and keep us up past our bedtimes reading far into the night.

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