Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tides of War #1: Blood in the Water MG

After dropping out of the SEAL program Cory and his brother Aaron were saved from a shark attack by a pod of wild dolphins while out surfing one morning.  Cory than asked the Navy for reassignment to the Marine Mammal Program, to work with dolphins.  That is where Cory was partnered up with Kaj a pacific bottlenose dolphin trained for search and intercept.  But when Cory and Kaj are sent to North Korean waters for a top secret mission with the infamous SEAL Team Six Squad things get tense all around.
This was a great middle grade book not only for those interested in the military aspect but the dolphin training part is huge as well, and the author went to great lengths to keep everything true to life.  From the Marine Mammal Program to SEAL life to the dolphins themselves.  Because of all of this , this book is a great middle grade military book that still teaches that there is still a technical side to our military, and a very real human side as well.


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