Sunday, September 14, 2014

Contaminated 2: Mercy Mode YA

 A sickness spreads across the country from a contaminated diet drink.  Now the government is at a loss as to how to cure the sick, so their answer is to quarantine them until the worst of their symptoms has past, then fit them with a collar that sends electric shocks to the person whenever they get angry or overly agitated, symptoms left behind by the sickness, along with abnormal strength which can pose a threat to others.  However, if the anger or aggression gets to bad the collar goes into mercy mode, the consequence, death.  But there is one family that breaks all the rules when it comes to the contamination sickness and how it is supposed to work, and of course the government wants them for guinea pigs, once Velvet get a taste of this she escapes and takes her family and runs.

This was a different kind of dystopian book as we get a look into the government and what they would do as far as testing and how far they would go to get what they want.  It isn't just the normal hide and seek type book.

I felt a bit behind at the beginning having not read the first book, but quickly caught up and then was swept away in the action.  This book was full of action and it kept you page turning just to find out how everybody faired into the next chapter.  Definitely a stay up past your bedtime book.  I liked that there was not a ton of characters to learn and keep track of so I could just jump right in, it was a fun, quick book that was just a easy read, full of action, good relationships, and family values.  I can't wait to read book one.

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