Tuesday, February 12, 2019

EKHO 2: Worldwide Alien Resistance (MG)

Bullies beware Elvis and the gang are back and they will not tolerate any bullying of anyone in this the sequel to EKHO (Evil Kids Hunting Organization).  This year they even have a guy on the inside a DEKE, one of their agents is defecting, but there is more weirdness going on than just that.  Every time the schools announcement radio comes on the DEKE kids do really strange things than Elvis and his crew find that that the DEKE's have these weird implants that cause voice to skull communication and even more Elvis finds out it is not just his school it is schools all over the world, alien technology.   This is a awesome anti-bullying book without kids knowing it because it adds so much more to it like the aliens.  If you go and read Marie and especially Max Jones story you will see where EKHO started and it is such a awesome story and would be awesome if we did have EKHO chapters in schools. I have been hooked on the EKHO book since I read the first one several years ago by accident and been bugging for another, now that it is finally here it is as good as I expected and will be bugging for book 3 now so watch out world.

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