Saturday, May 26, 2018

Furyborn (YA)

This story goes back and forth between two girls one thousand years apart, one trying to prove she is worthy to be the sun queen, the other just trying to survive with her brother and those she loves most, but that is proving to be harder and harder each day, until she teams up with a stranger that just might have answers to some tough questions.  It's as the two worlds come together when things really heat up and prophecies start to come to light.
This was a awesome book, once you get used to the characters and the back and forth of the times.  The action and suspense are non-stop, and this book will really have you up past your bead time reading as you just can't wait to see what happens.  This is the kind of book that locks you in its grasp and won't let you go, actually I think I am still locked in it grasp waiting to see what happens in the next book, please hurry.

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