Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ornaments of Death ADULT

This is a awesome holiday mystery starring antique seller and avid detective Josie Prescott.  Josie is finally going to meet a distant cousin from across the pond, Ian Bennington.  Ian found Josie while researching his genealogical background, and since Josie has no other family this means it is a big deal for her.  But when Ian doesn't show up for a lunch date, Josie goes into detective mode.

All of the characters are well rounded and put together well.  The story is outstanding and while you might guess a twist and turn here and there, I doubt you will guess who did it until the end and that is the best part.  I love not being able to figure it out until the end, and hope you will too.

I was actually listening to the audio version and the narrator, Tiffany Morgan, gives Josie Prescott a wonderful voice, she made this book awesome to listen too, she really gave it heart.  I can't wait to hear more of Josie's adventures.


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