Sunday, May 3, 2015

Masterminds MG

The town of Serenity is serene or is it? Eli has never left Serenity, why would he, everything in Serenity is perfect.  All the adults have jobs, everyone has a place to live with a pool (that is important in New Mexico), there is no crime, and only thirty kids in the whole town.  But the day Eli's best friend, Randy, talks him into biking just outside of the town limits to a barn where Randy and his dad had seen a alfa romeo, things change for both of them drastically.  What are the adults of Serenity trying to hide, and how do the purple people eaters fit in?

This is a well played, and strategically crafted adventure.  Masterminds has many twists and turns that will keep you guessing but surprise you just the same.  You will cheer for these very real characters while laughing at the same time.  Be prepared to sit for awhile because you will not want to put this book down.


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