Saturday, January 24, 2015

Black Dove White Raven YA

If only Elizabeth Wein had been writing these wonderful historical fiction books when I was younger maybe I would have liked history a whole lot more and done so much better at it in school.  Elizabeth Wein not only makes history so much more interesting but she also brings women and their role to the forefront.  In Black Dove White Raven it is women as aviators, and not just any ole women but a Ethiopian woman and her son along with a American woman and her daughter.  But it also brings in the fact of the first woman, who happened to be African American to get her international pilots license and everything she had to do to get it, in France!  Black Dove White Raven is a story of two children raised as brother and sister, one Ethiopian, one American with a French airman father in a time when the French and Ethiopia are going to war.
This book is so awesome, I can not say enough about it.  The characters are so real and believable, your cheer for them when something good happens and you cry with them when things go wrong.  At times I lost myself in the book and felt like I was in the cockpit of the Romeo with them, helping, or at other times giving Teo or Em a pep talk when it was needed, kind of like being their third sibling.  We keep saying we need diverse books, well this one fits in many diverse categories.  it is one powerfully strong book and Elizabeth Wein doesn't ever back down from some of the more touchy and sensitive parts of war but portrays them well, and also truthfully and fairly, so I would hope we never forget and repeat these atrocities inflicted in our past.
This is a great book and I hope everyone else enjoys it just as much as I did.

5 Stars

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