Thursday, June 5, 2014

Open Minds Mindjack Trilogy #1

Open Minds is the first book of the Mindjack trilogy and it is blow your mind good!!!  You will stay up late and go to school or work late the next morning with red eyes because it is so good.  Kira the main character starts off thinking she is inferior because she can't read minds like everyone else, until the day she knocks Raj, her long time best friend, out for trying to kiss her.  But Simon shows her she is better, she is a Jacker, but she must keep it a secret or the government will take her away.  But when Simon goes behind her back and tries to recruit her to his clan everything goes wrong.  She must now not only fight the clan who thinks she betrayed them to the government who she refuses to work for, because they also threatened her trying to get her to become one of them, but really in her mind who would do this to kids?  She soon finds out why everyone really wants her so bad and turns it back on them.  With some help of a few well placed friends she is able to rescue some of the children the government is holding but not the others yet.  Does Kira still need to fight for all she holds dear?  Kira won't jack your mind but she might just blow it showing what a 16 year old can do when you get her mad enough, and don't forget there are two more books to go!!!


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