Monday, March 3, 2014

Expiration Day

What happens when there are no more tomorrows?
What if you woke up one day to find out everything you thought about yourself was a lie.  Not only are you not even human but you now only have seven years left to exist, because do robots really die?  All because of one stupid accident, that reveals what Tania really is now the clock is running, tick tock. 
But the year is 2049 and humans are a rarity, but Tania always thought she was one of those rarities.  Tania had always been aware of the teknoids and wondered who around her might be one.  Teknoids were created when the world’s fertility rate plummeted and riots started.  A company called Oxted figured out that if people had the illusion of raising a child that would help stop the riots.  So they created the near perfect human robots called teknoids to fill this void in people’s lives, but people only get to keep them for eighteen years, maybe, don’t forget to read the fine print.  Than the teknoids have to be returned to Oxted never to be heard from again.
Tania isn’t going for this she wants to stay with her dad, band, and her life.  So she and her dad decide to fight Oxted, can they prove Tania is more human and stay a family or will Oxted win and Tania disappears forever?
This was a great book it moved moderately fast with a great plot it has a sci-fi element of course but it is also a great David versus Goliath story.  There are also a lot of wonderful music references, and good friendship and family.

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