Saturday, January 25, 2014

Nick and Tesla's Robot Army Rampage

This tween book is fun for the whole family a five star book!!! 
This is a mystery as to who is robbing the stores of Half Moon Bay in California, including Nick and Tesla's friend Silas' dads comic store of a very rare and expensive comic.  Silas knows with the towns budget problems and the police cut backs there is no way the one police officer left (Sgt. Feiffer) is ever going to catch the thief on his own, so Silas enlists the help of the best detectives he knows, 11 year old twins Nick and Tesla.  With their Uncle gaga over the new owner of the Wonder Hut (the local hobby shop) and former robotics expert Hiroko Sakurai, and spending all of his time with her, that leaves Nick and Tesla all the time they need to investigate and find the robber.  Can Nick and Tesla catch the robber before it is to late and foil the rampaging robot army? What are Nick and Tesla's parents really up to, are they really in Uzbekistan studying soybean irrigation or are they on the run? What was the real reason Nick and Tesla's parents sent them to Uncle Newt's? And where does the pigeon poop come into the story?
This book also comes with some really awesome plans you can use to make your own hoverbots, bristlebots, robots, and blasters, out of fairly common things you can find at home or buy cheaply.
Authors,  "Science Bob" Pflugfelder teaches elementary school science in Newton, Mass, and
Steve Hockensmith writes mysteries in California.  
Don't forget to look up Book 1 in the series   Nick And Tesla's High Voltage Danger Lab
And coming in May 2014     Nick and Tesla's Secret Agent Gadget Battle
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